If you give me 90 minutes a week for 90 days, I'll help you double your revenues for this year...

Without adding to your workload

You thought it would be different once you hit the six-figure mark, didn't you?

You imagined weekends off, a new wardrobe, relaxing on the beach in Fiji...

But as you sip that glass of Pinot and half-watch Yellowstone on Netflix while scrolling through Instagram, you can't help but wonder... how the hell did I just end up with more of the same?

More money invited her friends to the party: More deadlines, more work, and more stress.

You know you "should" hire help, but your bank account doesn't exactly support that idea. Sometimes you even think that leaving your J.O.B. was the wrong decision.

Reaching the 6-figure mark is a reason to celebrate!
And you thought it would be enough.

But now you know, $100K per year simply isn't going to give you the income you need to scale your business and support the lifestyle you want.

You're juggling all the things and working more than ever, but you barely have enough coming in to cover your expenses.

$100K was a great goal. Now, let's set your sights higher and aim for a million.

Even if that feels impossible right now.

Welcome to 7-Figure Confidence.

There are five common reasons why so many women struggle to move the needle past $100K:

Reason #1

You don't take the time to spend on your business.

I get it. Your schedule is ridiculous. How can you possibly add another program or book or course into the mix?

But here's the thing. The next 90 days will go by whether you actively do something about the chaos in your business or not.

So where do you want to be this time in a year from now?

Reason #2

You're working without a plan.

You found a way to earn money by doing something you're really good at and it didn't even require a business plan. And that's amazing! Look where it’s gotten you!

But if you want to level up your success, you'll get there faster with a plan.

More specifically, the kind of plan that considers the fact that you're a woman doing business according to the rules that have been established by men.

Reason #3

You don't think you can do it.

Imposter Syndrome is a real asshole. We all struggle with it.

I blame the patriarchy. We are women and we can do hard things. Including becoming millionaires. To abolish Imposter Syndrome, we need to step into our confidence. And confidence comes from action.

This program is all about taking action and stacking those small actions builds - you guessed it - confidence. You're already confident in your skills so now we're going to help you to find confidence in your abilities as a CEO.

Reason #4

You are afraid of your financials.

Repeat after me: "I am not an idiot when it comes to numbers." If I had a dollar for every time a woman has told me that she doesn't understand the financial side of her business, I would have a lot of dollars.

If you want to earn more money, you have to know your numbers. Full stop. And it is incredibly empowering.

We'll walk through the most common financial documents for your business in a way that you can understand and relate to. Promise!

Reason #5

You don't want anyone to see the mess.

I've seen under the hood of many a business, and I can assure you that yours is not the only one being held together by duct tape and bobby pins.

I don't want you cleaning before your cleaner shows up, worrying about being too out of shape to join the gym, or being too embarrassed about the state of your business to call in reinforcements.

The session where we covered "7-Figure Financials" felt like a veil was lifted.

Sara is the best math teacher I ever had! She helped me to finally *get* what I need to understand about my numbers in order to reach my financial goals. That 90-minutes made

the program worth the investment.

Jaime-Lee Mann



7-Figure Confidence is a group coaching program for women who want to have more without doing more. You'll meet for 90-minutes a week over the course of 90-days, with a bi-weekly review to hold you accountable. No homework. Just show up for the Zoom meetings and work through the bite-sized tasks I've designed for you. For extra support, I'll be hosting office hours every other week where you can just pop in and chat with me about anything you'd like to talk through.

You'll also have access to me via Voxer.

Many of my clients begin seeing results on Day One - there's no waiting until the end of 90 days before things start to shift. 

By the end of the quarter, you'll have a fully customized (and repeatable) plan for growth that will double your revenues over the course of a year or less.

Sara has the same lived experience as a consultant and business owner. It's important for me to learn from someone who has been through the struggle.

Corrie Melanson, Corrie Melanson Consulting

And who am I to be teaching this program? 
Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Sara Roach Lewis. (But you can call me Sara.)

When my dream job left me burnt out and rather disenchanted, I made a radical shift by putting my own needs at the top of my priority list.

I started doing business in a way that aligned with the kind of woman, mom, human, and entrepreneur I want to be. As a result? I became happier, healthier, and wealthier.

I double my revenues each year by helping other ambitious women learn how to do the same. 7 Figure Confidence is the how.

With only one session, I've had my best month yet.

Jill Stewart, Your Life Design


The first four modules of 7-Figure Confidence will replace your feelings of overwhelm with the sense that you’re finally figuring out how to run your business instead of it running you. We'll spend a glorious month looking at the big picture of your business and getting clear on the vision you have for it and you. 

Module 1:  


It all starts with a plan. A plan that's realistic as hell and customized to you, your business, and what's happening in the next 90 days.

Module 3:  


Your brand is the skewer that ties your business together. Guest coach and branding expert Helene Scott returns to help you look at your clients and service offerings to make sure they are in alignment with the values you identified in Module 2.

Module 2:  


We're building businesses we love, which means being in alignment with our values. Guest coach and branding expert Helene Scott guides you to identify what alignment means for you and what to do when you find yourself out of alignment.

Module 4:  


In this module, you will zoom way out. In this 30,000 foot snapshot, you will map out your unique business model - who you serve, how you do that, your key partners, core activities, and financial bits. Quickly, you can see where you're clear and what's slowing you down.

Now that you are starting to see the vision for the next iteration of your business more clearly, we'll kick imposter syndrome to the curb. For this month, we focus on your current reality - what's working well and what still feels like a dumpster fire. You are analyzing your business and feeling like a grown up doing it! 

Module 5:  


The opposite of the big picture work of Module 4, now we're digging in the weeds.  We'll look at what's happening right now, uncovering wins and opportunities, and staring your business challenges and threats right in the face. You'll get more clarity than you've ever had about what is happening in your business, and learn how to use some important business growth tools. 

Module 7:  


Make no mistake, you've already smashed through some money mindset issues. And ambitiously growing your business - creating a plan to hit those ambitious goals in your biz - can take a bit to wrap your head around. In this module, we will look at your old money stories, hone in on any blocks you may be experiencing, and create a plan for smashing through them.

Module 6:  


Ah, knowing your clients or customers. It really does make every other part of your business easier - marketing, social media, sales, onboarding, client delivery, and off boarding. In this exercise, we will look at your best clients...and your worst. When we're done, you'll know exactly who your ideal client is. Added bonus: you'll reduce decision fatigue because you will have a clear matrix for decision making. No more 'should I or shouldn't I work with this person' waffling.

Module 8:  


What got you here is not going to get you to the next level in your business. In this module, you will learn how to forecast or project your earnings, track where you are on your annual revenue goal path, and create a simple system for reviewing your expenses. Warning: There will be spreadsheets. But they will change your life!

With your vision and loads of new knowledge about the inner workings of your business, we will turn our focus to the actual how. You will have already experienced growth and wins in your business, but now it’' about: How you will double your revenues in the next 12 months. And with that,  your constant worry about not having enough time to do all the things is replaced with an abundance of time and energy. 

Module 9:  

Finding & Fiercely Protecting Your Zone of Genius

Generally, building your team is a key to scaling your business. In this module, you will map all the stuff you currently do - good, great, and otherwise. With this, you will see what can be done by other people and then we'll show you the best practices of  building a dream team.

Module 11:  

Operations for Scaling

Now that you're building or enhancing your team, systems and processes become very important. This module includes an opportunity to assess the areas of your business to focus on first. Then, we provide lots of tools, templates, and resources to help you systemize things.

Module 10:  

Key Strategies for Doubling your Revenues

In this module, you will learn the three most common ways service-based business owners exponentially grow their businesses. With the knowledge you've already gathered along the way, this module will help you identify the strategy that works the best for your business.

Module 12:  

90 Day Review & Repeat

In the final module of this program, you'll do a review of your first 90 day roadmap and then make a plan for the next 90 days. We'll wrap with a 1-1 session to chat through your customized plan that will make your growth inevitable and exciting!

If you have any questions, reach out to Sara at info@sherules.biz

Bonus #1  

The first FIVE people who register will get a Bonus 1:1 Roadmap Session with Sara to guide the next 90 days.

Bonus #2

The first FIVE people who register will get a 1-hour live session with an Accountant to look over their books.


7-Figure Confidence is yours for a one-time payment of $4500, or three payments of $1600.

If you're nodding yes yes yes as you read through the topics we'll be covering, but you're hesitant to invest it in yourself, let me ask you this:

How much did you earn last year?
And would it be worth 18 hours of your life to double that?

That's what I thought.

oNe-time payment


What's included

  • one 90-minute call a week
  • no homework!
  • ongoing Voxer access to Sara
  • Bi-weekly sprint review

If you have any questions before you click that link, reach out to Sara at info@sherules.biz

To recap...

I'm offering you a spot in a program that involves one 90-minute call a week (no homework), ongoing Voxer access to Sara, a bi-weekly sprint review, and the support of a Facebook community.

You will create a plan to double your revenues in the next 12 months. The clock starts on day 1.

No more overwhelm.

No more time scarcity.

No more neglecting your own self-care as you kick imposter syndrome to the curb too.

You'll have a strategy.

You'll have accountability.

You'll have a plan.

And you'll have the built-in dedicated time to do the work 
on your own business that you keep putting off.

You'll see results, stack your wins, and build momentum.

That's what creates 7-Figure confidence and the path to the 7-Figure business to go with it.

If you have any questions before you click that link, reach out to my team at info@sherules.biz and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Still not sure 7-Figure Confidence is for you?

Only you can know that for sure, but see if this list resonates:

  • You're an expert in your field with a service based business, like a consultant, marketer, or coach.
  • Your annual revenue is at 100k (or are getting close) and you want to earn more but you can’t figure out how to do more client work with no extra time.
  • You're afraid of your finances/numbers in general.
  • You crave freedom and flexibility.
  • You're action-focused.
  • You're full of ambition but have a weak planning bone OR you love planning, but you’re not quite sure where to go from here.
  • You're ready to be a woman running a business instead of being run by your business.
  • You believe in supporting other women.

If you have a strong business background and/or if you don't identify as a woman, then this isn't the right place for you.


How much time is this really going to take?

I don't like to spend anymore time on something than I have to. I'm all about maximizing time and being efficient. This program is carried out in weekly 90-minute entrepreneurial bite-sized calls. It takes way less time than you may think to build a solid strategy for your business.

We will also be conducting a 1-hour sprint review call every two weeks to make sure you're sticking to the plan. (Plans work best when you follow them!) This is how you'll keep your business top of mind even when you're still managing client work.

Beyond that, the time investment is totally up to you. if you have more time, you can do more, but you really don't need to.


Do I have to be making 100K per year to enroll?

No, but it's best if you're in the $80K+ range. If you're making less than that or more than $400K, I have other programs that would work better and am happy to talk with you about them. Email info@sherules.biz


What if I can’t make it to a session?

It's best if you block out the time and attend the sessions live. The point of the program is to learn how to carve out time for business building activities. But that said, we are women and life happens! Calls will be recorded for you to watch later and I’m available via Voxer to answer any questions that come up as you watch the recordings.


Do you offer a guarantee?

I guarantee that if you put in the work, you'll see results.

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