If you give me 90 minutes a week for 90 days, I'll help you double your revenues this year…

Without adding to your workload. 

Deal? We start on January 24th. 

You thought it would be different once you hit the six-figure mark, didn't you? 

You imagined weekends off, a new wardrobe, relaxing on the beach in Fiji...

But as you sip that glass of Pinot and half-watch Yellowstone on Netflix while scrolling through Instagram, you can't help but wonder... how the hell did I just end up with more of the same?

More money invited her friends to the party: More deadlines, more work, and more stress. 

You know you "should" hire help, but your bank account doesn't exactly support that idea. Sometimes you even think that leaving your J.O.B. was the wrong decision.

Reaching the 6-figure mark is a reason to celebrate! 
And you thought it would be enough

But now you know, $100K per year simply isn't going to give you the income you need to scale your business and support the lifestyle you want. 

You're juggling all the things and working more than ever, but you barely have
enough coming in to cover your expenses. 

$100K was a great goal. Now, let's set your sights higher and aim for a million.  
Even if it feels impossible right now.

Welcome to 7 Figure Confidence.

7-Figure Confidence is a group coaching program for entrepreneurial women who want to have more without doing more. You'll meet for 90-minutes a week over the course of 90-days, with a bi-weekly review to hold you accountable. No homework. Just show up for the Zoom meetings and work through the bite-sized tasks I've designed for you.

For additional support, you'll have access to me via Voxer and you'll be invited to the private 7-Figure Confidence Facebook Group. 

At the end of the quarter, you'll have a fully customized and immediately actionable plan for growth that will double your revenues over the course of a year or less.

The Investment

7-Figure Confidence is yours for a one-time payment of $2,997, or three monthly payments of $1100.

If you are reading this thinking this is me and yet your are hesitant to invest in yourself, let me ask you this:

How much did you earn last year?
And would it be worth $3,000 and 18 hours of your life to double that?

That’s what I thought.

To recap…

I'm offering you a spot in a program that involves one 90-minute call a week (no homework) 
and the support of a Facebook community. 

You will create a plan to double your revenues in the next 12 months. The clock starts on day 1.

No more overwhelm. 
No more time scarcity.
No more neglecting your own self-care as you kick imposter syndrome to the curb too.

You'll have a strategy.
You'll have accountability.
You'll have a plan.

And you'll have the built-in dedicated time to do the work on your own business.

You'll see results, stack your wins, and build momentum.

That's what creates 7-Figure confidence and the path to the 7-Figure business to go with it.

If you have any questions before you click that link, reach out to my team at info@sherules.biz
and we'll do whatever we can to help.