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Sara is on a mission to help women business owners double their annual revenues and build their entrepreneurial resilience. Her talks are driven by the belief that women's businesses should support their busy lives, not take over their lives even when times are tough.

Tara Hreceniuk

Reviewed on Amazon Canada on January 19, 2022

This book shared with me the most important things to know and remember as a woman entrepreneur. No matter where you are on your journey, there is something in here that will make you stop, think, nod your head, and say, “yes! I’m not the only one who’s felt that way”. And there’s plenty of practical guidance. Recommended.

Corrie Melanson Consulting

Sara has the same lived experience as a consultant and business owner. It’s important for me to learn from someone who has been through the struggle.

Kathleen Jill Stewart

Reviewed on Amazon Canada on January 10, 2022

There were many tangible items that I took away from this book. I identify as a female business owner, and my company is comprised of predominantly women. It normalized what I intuitively feel and experience in business. The research about women in business; that only 2% of women-owned businesses make more than $1 million a year was a surprising piece of information.

After reading the book, it inspired me to “lean in” further to the impacts I want to make in the world, yet normalizing the up-hill climb I experience.

I hope the author continues to write and share her expertise. I especially liked the clear focus of the book, since it spoke directly to me as woman in business. The layout, stories, organization of the book made it easy to read and highlight takeaways.

Crystal Coleman

Reviewed on Amazon Canada on November 18, 2021

Sara’s book spoke to me. I am certain she wrote it to me. The opening chapters addressed the inner thoughts and struggles I’ve had as a woman and entrepreneur, in a way I’ve never been able to put to words. And then, she shared how to face those challenges and rise above them.I was able to examine the way I define success, how I approach self-care, and how changes in the way I think about some of those definitions have changed my entire outlook.

Thank you, Sara!!! This book needed to be written and I am thankful for the wisdom and guidance that I will continue to draw on as I assess my business and my life as I pursue “my” version of success.


Reviewed in Canada on December 22, 2021

This book packs a POWERFUL punch. For women at any stage in business (or thinking of taking the leap), there are so many takeaways from this book!

Sara delivers her message in a no nonsense, straight to the point fashion that keeps you wanting more. She provides clarity where it is needed most and hits on so many things we face in society. Her years of experience shine through in this book.

I will continue to go back to this book for inspiration and wisdom to help guide my journey, and it is top of my list for books to gift to women in business. Highly recommend!