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She Rules Retreat

Good business health starts from within.

Take everything into account

Rather than focus on one or two specific areas, good entrepreneurial planning includes all aspects of your life, wellbeing, as well as your career and financial achievements.

Recognize where your success lives

One area of life such as work, can impact other areas such as personal relationships or your physical health.

Create balance and fulfillment in all aspects of life

Through a holistic approach, achieve your work and life harmony - you define what business growth looks like for you

What's Included? an entire day of:

Quarterly Planning

Review your successes and wins. Check back in on your annual goals (or take some time to create them). Make practical, realistic, and profitable plans for your next quarter.

Focus and Mastermind

A space to breathe, reflect, grow and connect in a calm environment for a day, giving you and your business more purpose, and direction. Receive laser-focused coaching to work through any challenges or blocks.

Reset, Revive, Thrive

We'll dedicate some "me" time at Mysa Nordic Spa. Enjoy the healing powers of a Nordic Spa with this guided spa experience.

Collaboration and Support

Bringing together a collection of like-minded women who are on a gateway to a holistic approach to business that includes integrating self care into business growth planning.

*Our programs take dietary restrictions for health, or personal reasons into consideration.


I've never been to a nordic spa before, what do I bring?

Flip flops, Swimsuit, Plastic water bottle, robe.

I also suggest bringing a hat, sunglasses, and a good book.

What happens at a nordic spa?

Healing and as my friend Susan say, "aggressive relaxation!" Thermal baths, essential oil steam rooms, relaxation spaces and cold water plunges are proven to be so good for you. Plus incredible views of St Peter's Bay.

How many people will be at the retreat?

Up to six women, per session. This is an opportunity to reflect, and explore new ways to thinking, being, and belonging. 

How does the day begin?

You'll be guided through a process to uncover your wins, deepen your relationship to your overall vision and connect it with a profitable plan, and align it with your life's goals and values.

What's included?

A day of business coaching with the tools and knowledge you want to build a profitable future for your business; Lunch and refreshments; A trip to the nordic spa.

**food and beverages at the spa are not included

Why do I want this?

Group coaching provides a supportive environment where individuals come together to learn and grow, an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and successes. Combining this with a spa retreat offers the chance to disconnect, recharge and rejuvenate.

Hi, I'm Sara -- Your Host

I'm on a mission to help ambitious women like you build scalable businesses that support their busy lives. In my book, She Rules, What You Didn’t Know is Holding You Back in Business I share strategies for exponential business growth, achieving laser-focus while moving through resistance, and rebranding self-care as an important business practice. For me, that always includes a Nordic Spa, so imagine my delight when one opened in my neighbourhood!

You may know that I speak candidly about my own life experiences, and I enjoy sharing the strategies that work, helping women double their revenues, and talking about playing hurt, feminist business strategy, how to create a 90-day plan, 7-Figure confidence, and crushing imposter syndrome.

I'm a lifelong learner, with a degree in psychology from Mount Allison University. I'm a certified coach and hold diplomas in business administration and journalism, and in alternative dispute resolution (mediation and conflict resolution) from the University of Prince Edward Island.

We'll begin the full-day retreat at the She Rules HQ, then spend the latter half of the day at the Mysa Nordic Spa.


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