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Tuesday, March 29

12pm AST/11am EST/8am PST

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Make More Money in 2022

You are in business to share your gift with the world and make money doing it.

Growth is the goal, but it’s hard to find the time, when the regular demands of your business take all your focus and energy.

At the beginning of the year, you did the visioning and work to make sure that 2022 would be the year your business goes to the next level.

Except we’re three months in and you see that not as much as you’d like has happened on that front. Client work always seems to take precedence. And of course it does, because that’s what pays the bills!

You’re thinking ‘It would be great to double my revenues. But where do I even start? I hardly have time to think about what’s for dinner, nevermind how to really grow my business.’

Here’s the deal: doubling your revenues doesn’t mean doubling your time. You just gotta know where to start.

And that’s what this workshop is for - I’ll show you where to find an extra $10K per month in your business. Which means if you’re making $100K or so, you’re doubling your revenues in the next 12 months. And if you’re at $200K, you’re well on your way to $400K with this one strategy!

Learn the exact strategy I used to double my own monthly business income year-over-year. And the one I teach my clients as well.

This is for service-based business owners who:

Are currently making $90k - $200k per year


Are committed to 2Xing their revenue this year, and just need the how-to


Want a bank balance that reflects all their hard work

In this get-it-done 60 minute workshop:

You’ll understand a simple diagnostic to help you find the fastest path to new cash in your biz
You’ll see exactly how it applies to your business
You’ll have a roadmap that will help you get that money in the door before July 1st.

To be clear: This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. There’s work to be done, but I promise you, it is easier than you think. You can squeeze in it around the client work. And it feels so freaking good! Like a woman who runs a business. Not a woman with a business who runs her.


Tuesday, March 29th at  12:00 pm  AST / 11:00am EST


Imagine if by the first of July, you were able to bring in an extra $30,000 to your business? Like really. Stop for a minute - what would that mean for you? Yeah? Well let’s make it happen.

One step at a time. And the first step is to sign up for this workshop.

What People Are Saying

I feel like a woman running a business instead of a woman with a business that's running her. And as a woman that runs a business, we have to know what the numbers look like. 

The way that Sara teaches the budget, the money, the dollars and cents piece was better than anything I’ve learned before.  The way that she explained it, that was really huge because I finally truly understand the financial piece of my business.


This year could have taken a nosedive but your focus on my success kept me moving forward. I built my team, I grew my book of business and I was able to adapt to everything that was going on with grace. Thank you for steering me through this wild year! I’m so grateful I didn’t have to go through it alone!


The last two month were my two best financial months I’ve had in a long time. The difference is spending a little time focusing and thinking about that part of the business and not just doing the work, doing the work, doing the work. 

Jaime Lee Mann


Stephanie Andrews

IG Wealth Management

Candee MacCarthy

Candee MacCarthy Law


In the first month I worked with Sara, I tripled my revenues. I didn’t think that was possible during the pandemic.


Sara has the same lived experience as a consultant and business owner. It’s important for me to learn from someone who has been through the struggle.


Working with Sara through this year was the best thing that could have happened for my business. Through a pandemic, I was able to launch a new offer, grow my client base and more than DOUBLE my annual revenues! I have so much clarity about my priorities for 2021. I feel like if I can make this year work, I can make anything work!

Patti Larsen

Author, Coach & Course Creator

Corrie Melanson

Corrie Melanson Consulting

Carly Martin

Hawthorne House Media

Sara Roach Lewis
Feminist Business Strategist
Who is Sara Roach Lewis:

Sara teaches ambitious women the strategies they need to claim their confidence, scale their businesses, and double their revenues. 

With decades of experience as a feminist strategist, Sara has supported thousands of women to shed society's expectations and create new pathways for success. 

Sara is on a mission to help more women hit seven figures and beyond in their business. In her book, She Rules, What You Didn’t Know is Holding You Back in Business, Sara shows you how to love - and not lose yourself - on the journey. 

She shares strategies for exponential business growth, rebranding self-care as an important business practice, and how to turn your imposter syndrome into 7-figure confidence.

A life-long learner, Sara holds a degree in psychology from Mount Allison University. She’s  a certified coach and holds diplomas in business administration and journalism, and in alternative dispute resolution (mediation and conflict resolution) from the University of Prince Edward Island.